Google AdWords

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Be there for your clients through Google search engine. You only pay per click to your website. Additional options include banner ads, video ads and remarketing.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook banner ads give your company the possibility of increasing sales and creating a strong brand. In addition to banner ads, you have the option to boost the number of people that read your posts, increase fans and video views.

Other Media

There are a lot of media channels. It is vital to advertise in these channels where is your companies target audience. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delfi, Postimees, Yandex,, vKontakte, Odnoklassniki etc - choose your channel.



I am really happy with the results right now. I can see that our invested advertising spend is bearing fruit and is actually bringing money back to us. Lets keep at the level we are at right now and keep doing what you are doing, because it is working. Of course you can always do better as well :).

— Danel Niinemäe, board member of FS Teenused OÜ